For the «Brand new Serfsons,» Lindsey Naegle and you can Krusty is actually relationship

Lindsey is understood to be a common youngsters-hater. Outraged at that have repaid large destroy costs getting a particular riot that the youth had triggered, she molded a keen anti-youngsters category, SSCCATAGAPP (American singles, Elderly people, Childless Couples and Toddlers and you can Gays up against Parasitic Mothers), and you can lobbied in order to deprive Springfield of all the boy-amicable one thing. The lady strategy almost been successful, however it is defeated from the last moment when Bart, Lisa, together with other kids for the Springfield hugged all of the adults, infecting all of them with «guy bacterium.» This new adults collapsed with ailment and turned not able to vote, inducing the venture to fail. [2]

Lindsey are an alcoholic (she told you therefore amount-of-factly so you can Lenny when she is questioned why she was at Moe’s Tavern). Regardless of this she is your mind of Alcoholics Unknown department into the Springfield. [3]

She actually is often recognized as a person in this new Springfield Republican Party. Although not, she used to be viewed browsing a Democratic Cluster conference. She is in addition to a person in this new Springfield Publication Pub, and you will is actually the one who was the cause of city in order to finally crack beneath the breed of getting trapped throughout the dome whenever she put a book at Helen Lovejoy, merely to for this to overlook and you can pour new java in the fresh surrounding Alcoholics Unknown meeting.

Lindsey does flatly know items that will be believed insensitive. She admitted so you can getting an intimate predator, [4] and when mentioned that she don’t cry due to a great botched face lift. [5]

In «Homer Goes to Planning University», she is a person in the new Doomsday preppers as well as Gary Chalmers, Herman Hermann, L.T. Break and Lloyd. Whenever Superintendent Chalmers presented a great rifle extent that renders one people face look unsafe and you can intimidating (because of the placing a mad eyebrow appearance on the people’s confronts), he pretended so you can take the girl holding it. She asks exactly what it is to have, in which he says «You thought We have moved resentful that have stamina, just weren’t you?». Lindsey responds «I was not but I’m today.» and you may Chalmers pretended in order to capture the lady one or two a lot more times.

Lindsey possess jumped up in a lot of capabilities, relatively operating from the a different jobs whenever she seems. Job headings has integrated these community government, and additionally purchases researcher, financial planner, pr associate, campaign capitalist, adverts government, mobile phone company executive, insurance rates salesperson, and you can exec for the Guy Invention Category. Immediately after she brought by herself (again) to help you Homer and you will Marge, Marge said, “We’ve satisfied your a couple of times, Ms. Naegle. Why do you keep changing efforts?” Lindsey flatly responded, “I’m an intimate predator.” [6] This lady business credit checks out «Lindsey Naegle: Do Everything you». [7]

Industrial tips and you will influences

Because of their role as a corporate and you will community professional contour, Lindsey (like any organization Ceo otherwise system government in the mass media) sometimes more commercialize whatever she’s creative control over, that causes 1st damage to other characters, in line with the spot of episode.

When you look at the «The new Itchy Rough Poochie Let you know», Lindsey try the main committee out-of editors at the Itchy Rough Global, who felt that the type Poochie are going to be edgy, enjoys a number of thinking, and get «Rasta-fied» by ten percent, including «proactive» and you may a beneficial «totally outrageous paradigm». However, because of Poochie’s unpopularity on listeners, Lindsey with the rest of the publishers want to destroy him regarding. Regardless if Homer implores the viewers provide Poochie a fair chance (rather than understanding the new intended program), the character try edited out at the eleventh hour, leaving Homer effect betrayed, as he put their heart for the profile he spoken. [8]

From inside the «Womanly Release», Lindsey tells Krusty the new Clown that FCC seems one to babies commonly training everything from The fresh new Itchy Scratchy Show and they need academic coding. She upcoming highly recommend a young child-dependent development show titled «Kidz Information», in which the community create slash ten minutes out of the Krusty the Clown Inform you. During the run of one’s news show, Lisa Simpson is actually hired once the a reports point, while you are Bart are after chosen and made good sportscaster. Just after Bart livens in the inform you, Lindsey promotes your to help you co-point, which makes Lisa envious. Lisa proclaims you to definitely she does not require an effective co-point, Lindsey tells the girl you to Bart enjoys exactly what she will not: «Zazz!», «Zing!», «Zork!», and you can «Kapowza!» Despite Lisa’s need of this trivializes the whole idea of Kidz Newz, their argument goes unanswered. Just after Bart and you may Lisa always handle this new problems making a beneficial academic reports system, they are unexpectedly terminated in favor of «This new Mattel and Mars Bar Brief Opportunity Choc-O-Bot Hr». [9]

Sex life

Lindsey just after old Ned Flanders, although date was disturbed whenever she obtained a great facsimile informing her you to definitely she had been indicted. This woman is an enthusiastic professional of son-free lives, at some point spearheaded a motion while making Springfield reduced child-friendly. Shortly after romantically connected with Legal Roy Snyder, she’s a graduate on the Wharton Business College. The woman is good stereotypical top-management executive, along with her potential apparently feature the company buzzword “synergy”.

Marge advised Homer that, if the she passed away, he would be permitted to get married Lindsey; this is exactly viewed on the an email list at the back of their pantry. Ironically, Lindsey was in the financial institution that have Marge when she offered Homer so it permission. [12]

Non-Cannon Styles

Lindsey’s anti-son attitude try spoofed inside the a narrative inside «Margical Background Trip» in which she plays Anne Boleyn. She marries Homer, exactly who performs King Henry VIII, toward basis she will be able to get pregnant with a son getting him. Although not, she’s executed immediately following she gives King Henry a child.

When Homer imagines crashes ensuing throughout a period of time which he are uninsured, Lindsey Naegle and you will Marge Simpson started kissing after they were really the only of those whom survived besides Homer Simpson. [13]

When you look at the «Treehouse regarding Headache XIX,» regarding opening out of «The way to get To come in the Deceased-Vertising», she is in one of the photographs on the structures.

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